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L-V 8:00 - 15:00

Training center of Palma de Mallorca (Baleares)




The main building consists of:
-  area of student services.
- four offices for the management of courses.
- staff room.
- management offices.
- administration department, human resources.
- meeting room of 40m2.
-  two classrooms where computers are installed that allow us to deliver the training via videoconference with Menorca and Ibiza.
- a library focused on construction issues.
- a computer room with networked laptops and prepared to give courses in CAD, presto, measurements and budgets ...

The facilities also include:
- two construction workshops, of over 200m2 each.
-  11 fully equipped classrooms with different surfaces depending on the type of training activity.
- an auditorium with capacity for 150 people.
- every classroom has internet connections.

Over 11000 m2 for practical training:
-  center of preventive practices.
-  practice field for machinery.
- practice field for topography and surveying practices.